dimanche 8 janvier 2017

Reinforcements for the Orks!

Finally! I completed with the basing the new unit I lined at the FWD November.

Took way longer than required but here they are finally.

The killa kans:

And  the fighta:

dimanche 6 novembre 2016

The red tide arrives.... and next WIP

 So here we are!

All the ruskies are done for now
The two hinds freshly done, I must say I love those huge beast:

and a family photo:

So many tanks ^-^

bad news is that I want 3 companies of the tanks and I'll need between 6 and 12 hinds. Oh well....

And here is a sneak peak of what's coming next... yes the Green Tide comes back! and  get some air power too:


Team Yankee Crocodile Yellow base (airbrush but it was a bitch)

Vallejo Model Air 71.137 Light US green  for camo
816 Luftwaffe Uniform   for glasses

Hind blue 402 for under belly

AK4134 Green Khaki for missil pods and rocket tubes

Bolt Gun Metal for rocket pods front + nuln oil wash

gloss varnish

Flames of war brown shade pin wash


gloss varnish

matt varnish

Deep yellow 915 Vallejo for end of rotors

Des news de Genève

Pour commencer, l'unité des blind'boyz est finie, avec remplacement du nob' au passage.

On s'équipe de supports à gurines. Merci Z1design pour ce fichier STL efficace.

La piscine a trempette pour surligner, ça marche !
Je vais également tester sur des boyz ce que ça donne après peinture.

mardi 18 octobre 2016

Mikhail's tin can

From Russia with Love

Base coat AK4134 Green Khaki  (airbrush)

gloss varnish

Black wash

AK4134 Green Khaki (drybrush)

75 % AK4134 Green Khaki   25 % Vallejo Iraqui Sand 819 (drybrush)

local gloss varnish (paintbrush)


gloss varnish  (paintbrush)

Matt Varnish

Gun mantelet  + barrel holders  in Green Brown 879
        50/50 Brown/water wash

Rubber side Skirts : Black Grey 862

            Black Grey 862  +  Iraqui Sand 819     75/25    (drybrush)

Black wash in the slides between the plates


    base Vallejo US Drab 873

    Bolt Gun Metal Dry Brush

    Black Wash

        German Grey base

    Bolt Gun Metal Dry Brush

Battle Damage Sponge german grey + dots in metal (Bolt gun Metal) and rusted metal (Runelord Brass or Warplock Bronze)


Matt Varnish

mardi 20 septembre 2016

Quick! Before ze germans arrive.....

You said those sausages would be ready in 5 minutes 10 minutes ago!

Anyway here are the germans!

So first basic army fully painted for Team Yankee. My yanks are raging considering I had them before the official release (thanks to the Beast of war boot camp).

it took longer than expected because I had a varnish incident on the helicopters which ended up meaning repainting them from zilch.... not happy with GW "purity seal" also known as "layer of crap"

The familly photo

Mr Muller in his tank:

Aren't those Bumble bee cute?

Cause it's all about the tanks, about the tanks.....


Black undercoat (spray)
white pre highlight (spray)

base coat  Mig Jimenez A.MIG-084 airbrush

Black camo  Mig Jimenez A.MIG-046 airbrush

Brown camo  Mig Jimenez A.MIG-085 airbrush

Tracks   base vallejo  German Medium Camo Brown  826 + dash of Iraqui Sand 819     10/2

    track bits 862 Black Grey

Dry brush 819 Iraqi Sand over all to define model details

887 Brown Violet  for MG ammo box + flexible sleeve behind gun mantlet

862 Black Grey for smoke launchers

GW Leadbleacher + nuln oil for metal parts

for the wood
    Chocolate brown 872
    flat earth 983 highlights

Gloss varnish


Gloss Varnish

pin wash in Nuln Oil

Matt Varnish

Tank Crew:


Grenadier Green

nuln oil

Grenadier Green

Grenadier Green + 1/4 of  884 Stone Grey

Beret + headset:

Abadon black

highlight in  862 Black Grey

final highlights in  995 German grey

touch of Leadblech metal for the insigna


skin in Beige Brown

Flat Flesh 955
highlight wiht Flat flesh + white


Black undercoat (spray)
white pre highlight (spray)

base coat  Mig Jimenez A.MIG-084 airbrush

Black camo  Mig Jimenez A.MIG-046 airbrush

Gloss Varnish


Gloss Varnish

GW Nuln oil for cannopy lines spot wash

887 Brown Violet  for TOW pads + GW ushabi bone lines

816 Luftwaffe Uniform   for glasses

GW Leadbleacher + nuln oil for metal parts

Matt Varnish

lundi 19 septembre 2016

It's all about motivation

So we all got big projets, we all got many things going on in our lives....

However we love our hobby, so here are a few videos about motivation!



And here is a little video about how music can help


And here is a woman's view on this ;)