lundi 16 avril 2018

Post Salute Wargame holiday!

G'day everyone!

Long time not posted.

So Salute was great, but as we are a lazy bunch no one entered the painting competition. I will post more about Salute later this week.

A few months ago I had an idea, what more motivating than a big wargaming event to get you back on track.

So I did put a week off work after Salute.

This week will be greatly dedicated to finish or advance on wargaming projects that might have been a bit stuck in the past few months.

So in order of priority here are the lucky winner project.

1) Get a 300 pts points Bolt Action army finished, and the lucky sods are.... the brits!

The goal is to start and finish this basic army. 

Long story short.
One Second Leutnant Regular
2 platoons of 8 Regular  rifleman with Bren gun
1 platoon of 5 Regular rifleman

300 pts is 22 guys 
That leaves 3 spare guys from the base infantry box.

2) Finish those damn Chieftains:

If I do not doing the lynx is going to be real tough.... maybe the plan will change along the line.

3) Ork reeinforcement for 1500 pts V8 army list.

Cause we restarted to play 40k and I am only a few minis away from having a 1500 pts force ready.

4) 1/600 Mig 21   6 of them

Preped those guys a few weeks ago but never got around to paint them. It'll be nice and quick but still a finished project. Might add more 1/600 if it goes well

5) The Perry Miniatures Travel battle.

I wanna do a basic paint job on those minis rather than leaving them red and blue. Silly me I forgot to get a spray of blue and red while at salute..... might check out my GW dealer later this week.

vendredi 29 décembre 2017

Salute 2018

Hoy wake up you lots!

It makes months that no one posted, how bloody lame of us!

So here are the news, this year after skipping last year we go to Salute 2018 with the whole crew.

- Airplane tickets, Checked
- Hotel booking, Checked
- Event tickets Checked

We are ready!

It leaves one question.... will anyone participate in the painting challenge?

dimanche 9 juillet 2017

Cadia Stands!

Well this has been a while but I have not been too lazy since the start of the year!

In February I started the Cadians..... and I finished the whole platoon in may I believe.... but then got lazy about taking the pictures.

So finally here they are!

In other news The Inn will have a place where we can have our gaming time easier soon with more space available easier for the upcoming campains (40k, Team Yankee and Bolt Action!).
In other words I'm moving place :P

This will be a first step as I am also looking into getting a dedicated place for the gaming and hopefully grow our small group.

Below the reference steps:

Undercoat white

nuln oil preshade

Zandri Dust for Fatigues

Castellan Green for armor

Chaos Black for leather

Bugman's glow for skin

overall agrax shade wash

Leadbelcher for metal

nuln oil wash on metal


    Zandri Dust to bring back the original color (avoid the creases)

    Ushabi bone for highlight (tin lines)


    Castellan Green to bring back the color

    Lorren Forest for highlighs


    Runefang steel for highlights


    Cadia Fleshtone highlight

    Kiselv flesh for tiny highlight   

Lenses (on helmet for instance)

Ulthuan Grey (pure white would have been better)

Guilliman Blue glaze


Steel Legion Drab as base

Stirland Battlemire texture

Nuln oil wash

Steel Legion Drab drybrush

PVA + water wash to make glossy

dimanche 8 janvier 2017

Reinforcements for the Orks!

Finally! I completed with the basing the new unit I lined at the FWD November.

Took way longer than required but here they are finally.

The killa kans:

And  the fighta:

dimanche 6 novembre 2016

The red tide arrives.... and next WIP

 So here we are!

All the ruskies are done for now
The two hinds freshly done, I must say I love those huge beast:

and a family photo:

So many tanks ^-^

bad news is that I want 3 companies of the tanks and I'll need between 6 and 12 hinds. Oh well....

And here is a sneak peak of what's coming next... yes the Green Tide comes back! and  get some air power too:


Team Yankee Crocodile Yellow base (airbrush but it was a bitch)

Vallejo Model Air 71.137 Light US green  for camo
816 Luftwaffe Uniform   for glasses

Hind blue 402 for under belly

AK4134 Green Khaki for missil pods and rocket tubes

Bolt Gun Metal for rocket pods front + nuln oil wash

gloss varnish

Flames of war brown shade pin wash


gloss varnish

matt varnish

Deep yellow 915 Vallejo for end of rotors

Des news de Genève

Pour commencer, l'unité des blind'boyz est finie, avec remplacement du nob' au passage.

On s'équipe de supports à gurines. Merci Z1design pour ce fichier STL efficace.

La piscine a trempette pour surligner, ça marche !
Je vais également tester sur des boyz ce que ça donne après peinture.